Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Service in Jamestown, NC

A wheel alignment refers to the angle of the tires and how they make contact with the road. If the tires aren’t touching the road at the centerline of the tire, they will shorten the life of your tires, decrease fuel economy, and can lead to dangerous driving conditions in wet weather.

Manufacturers don’t generally outline a specific schedule for alignments. However, it is recommended that your car gets an alignment once every 2-3 years. This will prevent your vehicle’s misalignment from becoming so severe that it could negatively impact other parts of your vehicle.

There are some signs that your vehicle might need an alignment done. The first that you might notice is uneven tire wear. If your car is veering off to one side or another, there will be visible evidence on your tires.

As mentioned above, a slight or even sharp pull in either the left or right direction is an indicator of an alignment problem. A great way to check for this issue is to find an empty parking lot. Put yourself between the lines of a parking spot and put your car in drive. If you cross over the right or left lines of the parking spots in front of you, then your vehicle is very likely misaligned.

Another sign includes the sensation of steering wheel vibration. If your tires are facing in opposite directions or leaning in different ways, it can cause your steering wheel to shake. This also goes for the position of the steering wheel itself; if your steering wheel isn’t lined up with how your tires are facing, it is time to bring it into a professional.

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