Tune Up

Tune Up service in Jamestown, nc

The phrase “tune-up” can seem somewhat ambiguous, which makes it somewhat intimidating for those who aren’t familiar with the process. The phrase “tune-up” can refer to several maintenance services that your car could need. However, in this instance, a tune-up service means you would take care of all these things in one go. This can include the air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, oxygen sensor, PCV valve, and spark plug wires.

The regular replacement of these parts (the average rule of thumb is about once a year) can be done around the same time as your annual inspection and might make a difference as to whether or not the vehicle would pass. These individual pieces are all considered wear and tear parts and could cause a decrease in the vehicle’s performance if not replaced or repaired regularly.

In some instances, getting a tune-up is a great time to check in on the life of your brakes and brake pads, oil and fluid levels, the clutch, and the air conditioning system. You might catch specific issues early on, instead of when they could be more costly or dangerous to you and your passengers.

At Tim Small Automotive, you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off or having services done unnecessarily. No need to worry about breaking the bank! Tim can give you advice unique to you and your car about steps you need to take to protect yourself, and others on the road.

Regularly scheduling a tune-up once a year can help extend the life of your vehicle. It is best to do the maintenance work than it is to have a massive problem that will be costly suddenly. To Schedule, a tune-up, give Tim Small of Tim Small Automotive a call today at 336-454-5736 or email him at tim@timsmallautomotive.com.