Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement in Jamestown, nc

Tires are pretty easy to forget about until you get a flat or have some other major incident. Some drivers try to “wait it out” and get as much use out of their current tires as possible since they can be a considerable investment. However, it is vital to know the signs of worn out tires before they cause an accident or other damages to your car.

The thing to pay attention to is your tread wear. When you look at your tire, you will notice patterns on the outside that have deep grooves. This is the tread. Treadwear is something that happens over time and can happen faster or slower depending on your driving habits and the type of terrain that you typically drive on.

Luckily, if you have a penny handy, you can check how worn your tires’ treads are. Take the penny and put it into the tread head first. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s head all the way around, it means your tread is too worn. This makes your tires slicker and less able to grab onto the road, especially when it is raining or snowing. If Lincoln’s head is only partly covered, that means you have more than 2/32 of an inch of tire tread left, and you don’t need new tires just yet.

The tread wear on your tires are what keep you and your vehicle safe and minimize the sliding around your car does if it is raining or icy. Not to mention when your tread goes, it begins to affect other parts of your vehicle as well. This is why regular tire rotations are essential so that your tires can be worn down evenly.

The age and amount of exposure your tires get to the elements (such as UV rays) can affect how long you can go between tire purchases. Give Tim Small of Tim Small Automotive a call today at 336-454-5736!