Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement service in Jamestown, nc

The timing belt helps to synchronize the functions of the engine. It can be tricky to recognize the warning signs of a breaking timing belt, so it is recommended that the belt gets replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles to prevent breakage from happening while you are on the road.

The timing belt is located in front of the engine under a timing cover. It’s made of high-quality rubber and nylon-reinforced cords to help extend the lifetime of the belt. Even still, the timing belt is subjected to extreme conditions which is why the continual wear-and-tear happens. Your engine will not be able to run if your timing belt breaks.

Not all cars have a timing belt, and is usually found in smaller cars and SUVs that have smaller displacement engines. There are a couple signs you can look out for when your timing belt is going bad:

  • If you hear a ticking noise inside the motor, this might be a sign that the timing belt is weakening. There are a lot of pieces in your engine the timing belt connects to, which is where the ticking noise comes from.
  • When the timing belt completely breaks, you will notice that your engine will not turn over or ignite. If you can’t get your car to start up, we can help you get your car towed.
  • The belt is attached to the pulleys that drink the crank and camshaft. This could cause your engine to misfire, and if the timing belt isn’t replaced soon it could cause catastrophic engine damage.

If you suspect your car needs a new timing belt, bring it in to TIm Small Automotive and our ASE certified mechanics can replace it for you and inspect your other internal components to make sure they haven't suffered any damage.