Small Engine Repair

Small Engine Repair service in Jamestown, nc

Did you know that you can take more than just your vehicle to Tim Small Automotive? Tim Small can work on smaller engines, too!

Since your lawn can’t mow itself, Tim Small Automotive also offers small engine repair in all makes and models. We can repair lawn mowers, chainsaws, tillers, generators, weed eaters, leaf blowers, or air compressors! Your vehicle isn’t the only thing with a motor that needs regular repairs and upkeep, so it is essential to take your small engine equipment to a professional on a regular basis.

It is convenient to have such powerful tools, but it is definitely not convenient when the motors no longer work. You can bring your outdoor tools and power tools to Tim Small automotive, and he will give your equipment the same quality work that he would provide your automobile. As a bonus, you will find that he is extremely affordable.

You could go to big name stores and go through the hassle of figuring out which services they do and don’t provide, pay an excessive amount, and be treated like a number. Or, you can go to Tim Small Automotive, where he has had a ton of experience in working on all sorts of engines, and he will be more affordable than the big guys!

You also don’t have to worry about Tim just trying to score that sale; he will be honest with you about the best course of action for your engine, large or small. He’s right in your backyard, so he’s going to treat you like his neighbor.

If you’re interested in having an honest, trustworthy, and experienced mechanic working on your favorite engine-powered equipment, give Tim Small of Tim Small Automotive a call today! You can reach him at 336-454-5736 or email him at