Radiator & Heater Core

Radiator & Heater Core Replacement in Jamestown, nc

When properly cared for, car radiators typically last eight to ten years. They help to cool the engine cool, so it doesn’t overheat. Usually, if you are keeping up with your car’s regular regimen, then it should last quite a while. However, there are times where a complete replacement is necessary. Since it can be a pricier piece to replace, it is important to know if it truly needs to be replaced.

One symptom to look for is rusting. While rusting on the outside is common and unpleasant, the more significant problem is when you start having rust on the inside of the radiator. The easiest way to know if severe internal rusting has begun to occur is by looking at the color of the coolant. Coolant should retain the standard color that it had while in the packaging. However if you begin to notice the coolant looks watery or there is floating debris, those are classic signs that internal rusting has already started.

Another sign to look out for is radiator leakage. Coolant would need to be flushed out to inspect for holes or cracks. Radiator waste would have to be disposed of properly, so if you don’t know how to do this step, it is best to bring your vehicle into a professional.

An under-performing radiator might also cause your car to overheat repeatedly. If you regularly replace the coolant and water, a faulty radiator is just about guaranteed. Meanwhile, the heater core is the small radiator that helps to warm the cabin of the vehicle. A failed heater core can cause excessive fogging in the windows or steam coming from the vents.

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