Headlight Replacement in Jamestown, nc

Driving without both of your headlights working is both dangerous and illegal. Driving without proper working headlights could not only make it harder for you to see the road and anything in front of you, but it could make it harder for others to see you and your vehicle when driving in dark areas. Your headlights are essential for seeing through the darkness, fog, rain and other low visibility conditions.

Of all the possible issues your vehicle might have, diagnosing headlight issues seem comparatively simple. You might notice your headlight is out altogether. As you’re driving at night, there might be one side that is better lit than the other, meaning that light probably broke or went out.

Another sign to replace your headlights is if they begin to flicker. As the bulbs age, they will have trouble consistently shining the way they did when they were brand new. This should also be relatively visible when driving in dark areas.

Depending on where you live, you might find that elements such as UV rays, rock salt, and humidity can cause your headlights to get hazy. It will almost look as if there is a thick film over the headlight, which will diminish the bulb’s ability to shine as bright as it normally would. Luckily in some cases of dim headlights, you might just need to polish them instead of entirely replacing them.

Before headlights go out or flicker, they can dim and provide less lighting. Especially when driving on dark roads and in adverse weather conditions, you want to ensure you can see as much as possible to remain safe.

Whether you have halogen, LED’s or another type of bulb, eventually it will burn out. It is essential to regularly change out your headlights to keep you and other drivers safe. Call Tim Small Automotive at 336-454-5736 if you need to have your headlights replaced!