Electrical Repair

Vehicle Electrical Repair in Jamestown, nc

As the technology in automobiles improves over the years, more and more cars and trucks are relying on electronic components to keep you moving. The electrical system in your vehicle is a fundamental part of its operation and overall health. It provides power to many regions including the battery, alternator, and starter.

There are some classic signs to be aware of if you think your vehicle’s electrical system isn’t working correctly.

The first sign is that your engine will not crank properly. Your engine requires electricity to start, and if you hear a clicking noise when you turn the key in the ignition, that means there isn’t enough current flow in the system to engage your engine. Typically, this is a battery issue, but can also be indicative of a bad starter. A grinding noise indicates a bad starter.

If you are having battery troubles, you may wish to have other electrical components of your vehicle checked, as well. Batteries should last roughly five years, and if you find your battery isn’t lasting that long, it could be due to issues elsewhere.

Undoubtedly, the lights on your vehicle are some of the most essential parts of your electrical system controls. If you find that various lights are dimmer than they used to be, or aren’t illuminating at all, it might be a problem with the electric components of your vehicle.

It is hard to know what is causing the problems you’re currently experiencing with your car. If you think your auto’s electric systems might be at fault, call Tim Small Automotive at 336-454-5736 to get a proper diagnosis. Who would want to play guessing games when you can take your vehicle to a trusted, local professional, especially when he is more affordable than the car dealers and big name repair shops?