Drivetrain Repairs

Drivetrain Repairs in Jamestown, nc

The drivetrain of your vehicle consists of everything from the engine to the drive wheels, but it specifically includes all the driveshafts, axles, joints, differentials, and the wheels. Your drivetrain works in conjunction with your engine to move your wheels and get you where you need to go. Your transmission is also a part of your drivetrain. The transmission keeps your engine running in time with your wheels, whereas the rest of the drivetrain is the part that propels your car forward.

Diagnosing a drivetrain problem requires extensive knowledge about the vehicle’s makeup. There are many parts involved and its best to take your car to an expert who can better diagnose which piece is causing your troubles.

There are a few ways to tell if your car troubles are due to your drivetrain. For example, if you are driving an automatic and your car hesitates before shifting gears, there is a good chance the problem is your transmission. Manual transmissions can have the same delay problem, but after shifting the engine’s RPMs will surge, causing it to sound like the car is moving faster than it is. This can be a clutch problem, but possibly also something more severe.

If you start to notice shaking, jerking, or grinding sounds, you will want to take your car into a professional. Depending on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, it could be an issue with your transmission, clutch, or worn out gear synchronizers.

Troubles with drivetrains are another reason for the engine light to appear. Although, you may not know why the light is on because there are so many reasons for this warning to appear on your dashboard.

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