Catalytic Converter Repairs

Catalytic Converters in Jamestown, nc

Your catalytic converter is part of your vehicle’s exhaust system and takes the harmful components of your exhaust and converts it into something harmless. This car part is crucial to your ability to pass your emissions test and pass your annual inspection.

Usually, the converter should last the life of the vehicle, but there are times when they get clogged or need to be replaced. There are five indicators that your catalytic converter might be failing or in need of repair.

The first indicator is that you might notice a decrease in engine performance. A clogged converter can restrict your exhaust flow, and even worse if it is cracked it will leak harmful gasses. These issues can cause a reduction in the overall power of the vehicle, as well as negatively affecting the fuel economy.

Secondly, a failing catalytic converter will make a rattling noise. You can tell if it is the converter because they are located on the front passenger side of most vehicles. If the honeycomb-shaped meshes become coated and weighed down, they can collapse and break apart, which will cause a noticeable rattling sound. It might be most noticeable when you first start your car, and it might worsen over time.

If your catalytic converter is smelling like sulfur, that is the third clue that it might be failing. The odor is produced from unburnt fuel being left behind in the exhaust, and might even cause dark exhaust smoke.

The fourth sign is your check engine light. If the computer in your vehicle detects the converter isn’t working correctly, or that it is not catalyzing the exhaust correctly, it will alert you that there is a problem.

Lastly, failing your emissions test is a sure way to know if there is an issue with your catalytic converter. If the trouble code pops up, you will fail your emissions test, which is something you need to pass before you can pass your inspection.

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