Auto Repair

Auto Repair Shop in Jamestown, nc

Does this scenario seem familiar to you? You notice your vehicle isn’t working the way it used to, but you’re not sure what the problem might be. You want to take it into a professional who knows what they’re doing, but when you search for someone in your area, there’s a list a mile long!

It seems like you have to go somewhere different depending on the issue you’re having, the type and model of the car you drive, and how long you’ve have had the vehicle! No one wants to keep up with all that, so if you require any auto repair services or maintenance, you can come to visit Tim Small, and he will take care of you.

Have an older vehicle? Not a problem! Get all those little car related chores done in one visit from a professional who knows how to do it all. You’ll feel like you have a brand new ride by the time you drive away. The type of vehicle doesn’t matter, either. At Tim Small Automotive, he does it all.

You don’t have to take your car to an overpriced dealer mechanic who will overcharge because they claim to have more knowledge than others about your vehicle. You can get even better work done by someone local who has spent years learning everything he can about what makes your ride so unique.

The best part is that he does it for a great price. Bring in an estimate from any other mechanic, and he almost always beats it--he’s just that affordable! Who wouldn’t want to save a bunch of time and money?

Whether you have problems with your brakes, engine, wheel alignment, or just want a preventative tune-up, Tim Small Automotive can handle all your maintenance, repair, and general upkeep needs. Give us a call at 336-454-5736.